When did the fear begin?

Laura’s fear of needles began during early childhood. From then until recent times a trip to the GP and especially to the dentist would result in severe anxiety and panic attacks. As these types of appointments are essential for our health and wellbeing, Laura felt the trauma from these experiences seeping into her life more and more. She couldn’t even look at an image of a needle or view footage containing needles on TV, without encountering a racing heart and breaking into a sweat.

What was Laura’s motivation for change?

Going to see the doctor and dentist are a staple part of all of our basic routines in life. Ultimately knowing this was what precipitated Laura’s need to face her fear head on. Her choice of holiday destinations were also very limited. Laura’s fear of needles meant that getting the injections required to visit various exotic destinations was completely out of the question.

What did Laura’s treatment plan with Aurora Hypnotherapy look like?

She had three x1hr sessions once a week with Andi. She was also taught self-hypnosis as part of a homework exercise and was given an anxiety-reducing recording to listen to.

What were the results of the treatment?

On the day of (and leading up to) her next dental appointment, Laura practiced the techniques she had learned during her sessions. She walked into the waiting room feeling calm and full of positive thoughts.

And when a man came out of his dental appointment feigning a painful mouth – it didn’t put her off! Before her sessions, this is something that would have terrified Laura and made her abandon the appointment and run out of the door.

The receptionist and dental assistants were amazed at how calm Laura was this time. The dentist even gave her a hug when she told him she had been through a course of hypnotherapy to conquer her fear!

Now, Laura has even been going for a course of acupuncture. This journey is an on-going process but as you can see from the photos, she has well and truly faced her fear.

Well done Laura!